Residence Duo in Singapore chooses Snaidero for furnishing the apartments of the 49-floors building in the heart of the residential city: designed by the German archistar Ole Scheeren, the Duo modern design is some kind of bond between classic and modern Singapore. Almost 700 Snaidero kitchens, model Orange, from the Sistema Collection, designed and realised by the company's Friulian factory, are being installed in the apartments of one of the three residence’s towers: we speak about kitchens on which the architects request a suggestive customisation even in the finishing, asking a micalised lacquered Gold that the company realised smoothly. Moreover, by Snaidero the great commissions represent a well-known commercial segment: the first installations date back to the 90’s in the U.S.A., and since 1999 a particular department is aimed to help directly the customers which belong to this special business sector, which have their particular requirements in terms of flexibility, products, services, delivery times and assistance pre- and post- sale. Today, the Snaidero's Contract Division is active and present all over the world with its realisations: from north Europe to Near, Middle and Far East.